April 12, 2024


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11 K-Pop Lyrics That Highlight The Power Of Family

The family bond is sacred, as it is one of the most honorable relationships to exist. Inside the family dynamic, parenting can be such an arduous task, but grateful offspring make all that burden dissipate. Likewise, being a sibling doesn’t come without a challenge of its own, but that shall pass too. Family happens to be one of the topics that are brought up every now and then in K-pop: Idols usually have a story to tell or gratitude to show, and sometimes they offer both.

Here are 11 K-pop lyrics that highlight the power of family.

1. WIN Team B – “Climax”

“Before I left
Didn’t we make a promise in embrace?
To build a home for you
You said you would wait for me
If you age, just age
Why did you have to age so beautifully?
That I can’t even recognize you anymore, my cruel mother?
Missing you and it’s driving me crazy
Yet it’s a love I can’t see
Going around confidently saying
‘He’s my pride’
The photo of you smiling is the cut
That slices through my sadness
Having become a dream
You ask me
‘When are you coming back?
I must welcome the one I care for the most’

This beautifully penned verse by iKON’s Bobby tells the story of the struggles he went through during his trainee days. The rapper’s mother represents his source of motivation that enabled him to give it his all. He aspires to keep his promise to her as soon as possible so she can enjoy it before she grows too old.

2. PSY with Lang Lang – “Father”

 “He’s only been looking forward in his life.
Now that the kids have already grown they won’t even listen to him.
All his life he sacrificed his best days for his wife and the kids.
Trying to make just a bit more money, looking at the kids’ photo.
Swallowing tears, risking his life, he gets back up even when he’s exhausted.
What if I pass out? ‘Kids, don’t worry, your father’s a Superman’
Father, now I finally realize,
How did you live like that?
Don’t be lonely anymore.
From now on we’ll go together.”

This heartwarming ode by PSY is a reminder of the sacrifices a father makes for the sake of his family. Throughout the song, PSY vividly describes the phases a parent goes through as they see their children grow up into young adults themselves.

3. Kim Sejeong – “Flower Path”

“To raise a single flower
How much rain fell in your eyes?
Oh rewind, the more I think back, the more I’m sorry
So I won’t give up
You gave up your youthful and beautiful season
Look at me, I have bloomed prettily
Even if I fall to the ground
I will make you walk only on flower paths”

Kim Sejeong made her solo debut with a beautiful rendition to her mother. She mentions the hardships her mother went through to bring her up into the blossoming daughter she is now. In return, she promises to return the favor by making her mom’s path flowery and blooming no matter what it takes.

4. Song Mino feat. Taeyang – “Fear”

“Don’t stop, there’s still a lot to do
Look at the photo of your parents, providing for you
You’re the mirror to your younger siblings
You’re the star of your family
Only when you cut back on your sleep
Can they peacefully sleep”

Family bonds can be such a fuel to one’s strength and perseverance. Such is the case for Song Mino, who constantly keeps in mind his family who is there for him every step of the way. He even talks himself into training even harder in order to make it easier for his parents and siblings in the future, where his restlessness would translate into their comfort.

5. Sam Kim – “Mama Don’t Worry”

“My foolish son, who doesn’t really call
How are you doing?
Don’t eat too many chips
Make sure you clean up after yourself
How can you be so similar to your father?
And also
Make sure you sleep well
You’re such a blue frog, it’s endless
The more I talk, the longer it gets
I mean the same thing, mama loves you

Mother’s heart, father’s heart
Even when they’re far away, it’s always the same
Grandma’s heart, grandpa’s heart
Wherever they are, it’s always the same”

Sam Kim narrates his mother’s worries from her perspective and highlights even the tiniest details that could keep her focused on her son’s well-being. He further adds his two cents on the matter, stating how parents and grandparents always carry their children in their hearts.

6. IU – “Knees”

“If I lie down on your knee
Brush my hair
Like when I was young
If I fall asleep lightly from your nice touch
Just let me stay for a moment
Don’t wake me up
I’m going to sleep tight”

Sometimes, the power of a family member is illustrated in a gentle touch, such as an elder brushing their grandchild’s hair while they’re resting on their knees. That’s how IU fondly remembers her grandmother, whom she lived with as a child, and she wishes to relive that memory again.

7. BTS’s J-Hope – “Mama”

“Hey mama, now you can lean on me
I’ll always be by your side
Hey mama, because you gave selflessly to me
Because you were my support
Hey mama, now you can believe in your son, you can smile
Hey mama, I’m sorry mama
I know now a grace like the heavens mama
Hey mama, so thanks mama
You became my blood and flesh mama”

Choosing the idol life is a decision that not all parents support. Luckily for J-Hope, his mother gave so much to see him rise to becoming the successful artist he is today. Expressing his gratitude, he reassures his mom that he made it thanks to her and that her support endlessly runs through his veins.

8. Tablo, Joey Bada$$ – “Hood”

“Where I’m from
‘Han’ is the name we gave to struggle and pain
This river runs through our city like it runs through our veins
To us it’s the one thing above all things; money, love, gods and kings
It’s with us, cramped up in a bus, subways, our schools and our building
It’s the price that’s our Appa’s paid to buy food for the children
It sits at the bottom of the pot when our Umma’s got that hot Dwaenjangguk in the kitchen
‘Han’ is spoken yet unspoken, we could be broke but never broken
It made my father work the graveyard shift and still makes his graveyard shift”

Leave it to Tablo to give you a lesson in how parents sacrifice to spare their children the struggle they had to grow and live through. He poetically describes pain that his father and mother endured together to put food on the table.

9. AKMU’s Lee Suhyun – “Alien”

“My mama told me I’m ALIEN
Actually, you’re from a galaxy far away
You in that planet used to be a champion
A winner who have won a gold medal

You got bigger and greater
The planet couldn’t contain you anymore
You liked to swim in warm water
So I brought you here”

Suhyun’s debut is a perfect example of a parent’s vital role in nurturing their kids’ self-acceptance. In her narration, she mentions how her mother explains why she’s so different from the rest and encourages her to find herself and embrace her quirks, which translate to her inner power. Nothing strengthens the relationship between a parent and child like words of affirmation.

10. BTOB – “Father”

“Because he always pretended to be calm and smiled
Because he always pretended to be strong in front of me
I didn’t even think of it
I thought I would never see it
So I didn’t know about his lonely back

I didn’t know back then, I was too young
You must have been lonelier than anyone else
But I didn’t approach you
Now I finally know, I hope it’s not too late
These are the words I wanted to say so much
I love you forever
My father”

In family relationships, fathers often hide their weaknesses from their spouses and children. BTOB sheds light on this common behavior and expresses their sorrow for not picking up on it sooner. Through these lyrics, they hope it’s not too late to show their appreciation to their fathers.

11. CL – “Wish You Were Here”

“What does your life look like
Without me there?
Without me there?
Do I still cross your mind
Without me there?
Without me there?
Is heaven all we thought it’d be?
Can you still hear my voice now?
Are you watching down on me?
When all I see is stars
What does your life look like
Without me there?
Wish you were here”

Losing a parent is one of the most heart-wrenching events in one’s lifetime. CL pays a beautiful tribute to her late mother where she asks insightful questions about her resting place. She stresses how much she misses her and constantly wonders whether she’s still watching over her from above.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.